A Hubig's Pie from circa 2012, before its New Orleans pie factory was destroyed by fire that year.
Ian McNulty / Where Y'Eat

Hubig’s Pies and Dixie Beer, together again at last?

No, I’m not talking about a sweet and sudsy flavor pairing. Instead, the two old New Orleans brands, Hubig’s and Dixie, have both been in the news lately, each on different parts of their own return. What unites them is an everyman appeal tied to place, particularly this one.

While we were in Toronto as part of the Hot Docs Podcast Festival, we took the opportunity to team up with Toronto-based food and travel writer Suresh Doss, who is amazing at capturing the stories and flavors of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). He was our guide to a small handful of places in the borough of Scarborough, population approximately 600,000. It's an incredibly diverse area with a lot of different neighborhoods, all teeming with restaurants.

Step into the kitchen with Andrea Nguyen, author of Vietnamese Food Any Day, and learn how to make two of her favorite recipes.

Above: Melissa Clark on stage with Francis Lam at Hot Docs Podcast Fest (left)
while Chef Joshna Maharaj tries to throw Melissa off her game in Stump the Cook.

Last fall, we were invited to record at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival in Toronto. We thought it would be a good chance to take a look at how Toronto, and Canada, eat. Our first guest was Matty Matheson, a guy who went from being a restaurant cook to being a chef to being someone who literally has a music festival named after him.

Ian McNulty

I love grillades and grits and biscuits and gravy. To me, the aroma of sizzling bacon mixing with brewing coffee smells like victory. 

But sometimes, what I really need is a breakfast that doesn’t make me want to slouch back to bed.

Ian McNulty

There’s a bakery boom underway across New Orleans, as more small, independent bakeries open around town. That’s a story that playing out across the country too, all in synch with the trends of artisan, handmade food. But in New Orleans, the story of the bakery revival has a twist – or maybe a braid, shot through with cinnamon and decorated in purple, green and gold.

Photo: Chef Dan Felder in the Pilot R&D test kitchen.

Dan Felder
Photo: Ali Bouzari

Joe Gitter is a senior editor and test cook at America's Test Kitchen, where they're all about methodical, scientific process in developing their recipes. And they make a ton of books, magazines, and videos, so they run a super tight ship. But Joe got something into his head and couldn't let it go, even though his team told him to back off. It was a recipe with a single ingredient recipe -- water.  He told Sally Swift all about it. 

Of all the questions you ask yourself when packing up your life to move across the country, "What are we going to do about the tree?" isn't likely one of them. But, that's exactly the situation food writer Hugh Merwin found himself in when his partner, Tejal Rao, learned that she'd gotten a job as on the other side of the country, in California. The tree in question was a curry tree, whose leaves are often used in South Asian cooking. (Curry leaves are nothing like curry powder.