Tropical Depression 19 is currently expected to strengthen into a tropical storm and make landfall near the border of Louisiana and Mississippi.
National Hurricane Center

Much like the year that contains it, the 2020 hurricane season refuses to let up.

Aubri Juhasz / WWNO

Virtual classes will be canceled and school buildings will be closed early next week due to Hurricane Marco, NOLA Public Schools announced Sunday.


Hurricane watches and warnings have ended for Louisiana as Marco weakened to a tropical storm overnight, according to an update from the National Weather Service.  But the storm system is still expected to bring heavy rain, gusty winds, and a potentially dangerous storm surge in areas. 


The big Saharan dust cloud headed for the southeastern United States seems a bit much in our current moment, but it's not that unusual.

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One of the Sewerage and Water Board’s pump-powering turbines was not operational for about two hours as heavy rains swamped the city, Executive Director Ghassan Korban said Wednesday afternoon.