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Sea Change Trailer


Living on the coast means living on the front lines of a rapidly changing planet. And as climate change transforms our coasts, that will transform our world.

Every two weeks, we bring you stories that illuminate, inspire, and sometimes enrage, as we dive deep into the environmental issues facing coastal communities on the Gulf Coast and beyond. We have a lot to save, and we have a lot of solutions. It’s time to talk about a Sea Change.

Based in New Orleans, Sea Change is a production of WWNO New Orleans Public Radio, WRKF Baton Rouge Public Radio, and PRX. Hosted by Carlyle Calhoun, Halle Parker, and Kezia Setyawan. Our theme song is by Jon Batiste.

Available March 28, wherever you get your podcasts.

Carlyle Calhoun is the managing producer of <i>Sea Change.</i> You can reach her at: carlyle@wwno.org
Kezia Setyawan is a coastal reporter for WWNO and WRKF and is based out of Houma.
Halle Parker reports on the environment for WWNO's Coastal Desk. You can reach her at hparker@wwno.org.