On this week's show, we're celebrating the 4th of July holiday by savoring the remarkable diversity that shapes America's food culture.

Cheryl Gerber

The Myth Justice is Blind to Money, Part 3 investigates the impact of the Federal Court’s involvement in Orleans Parish’s practices of imposing bail, fines and fees. How do the mayor’s office, the city council, the state legislature, and the criminal court judges comply or not comply with Federal rulings? In an era where police allocations are being questioned, where should a city apportion its taxpayers’ money?

Cheryl Gerber / Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Activists in St. James Parish have been fighting the development of a giant plastic manufacturing plant there for years. They have filed lawsuits, protested at the state capitol, and committed acts of civil disobedience. Now, two of them are facing felony charges and they say they’re being targeted for their activism.

American Roots Fourth of July Concert on the National Mall July 4, 1993
National Council for the Traditional Arts

For the 4th of July, we've been digging in the archives for a series of live concerts between 1993-2001 in front of a million people annually on the National Mall from the Washington Monument to the White House fence, and millions more on public radio nationwide. It was the roots of American Routes. 



Fried catfish at Barrow's Catfish is based on the family recipe from Barrow's Shady Inn.
Ian McNulty

Old family recipes endure in New Orleans, and one has carried on for generations from the old Barrow’s Shady Inn to the modern Barrow‘s Catfish. These days, it’s also part of an encouraging success story amid the coronavirus crisis.