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American Routes Shortcuts: Joan Shelley

19 hours ago
Joan Shelley
American Routes

Songwriter and singer Joan Shelley prefers to make music in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky rather than the industry centers of Nashville and New York City. She’s recorded a series of well-crafted contemplative albums with guitarist Nathan Salsburg at home in Louisville, at Jeff Tweedy’s Loft in Chicago, and even in Iceland. You’ll find references to rivers, waterways, and oceans in her songs and albums. We began asking her what the Ohio River means to her. 



Members of Louisiana’s music industry are joining forces with the National Independent Talent Organization, known as NITO. They are appealing to Congress for financial relief in the form of a bill known as the RESTART Act, a new loan program.  The COVID pandemic has shuttered the industry, leaving the future of live music across the country uncertain.  Local NITO spokeswoman, Ami Spishock joins us by phone.

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

This week on Le Show Harry brings us News of the Atom, News of Microplastics, News of the Olympic Movement, News of Nice People, Keeping up with the Murdochs, News of the Godly, The Apologies of the Week, and musical selections from his latest project, The Many Moods of Donald Trump, including “Son in Law,” and “COVID 180.”

White Linen Night is reimagined.  The popular Arts District gallery stroll is now called, White Linen Light, as it occurs in the galleries during business hours, Monday through Saturday, all month long. Arts District New Orleans Association vice president Matthew Showman chats with us by phone.


American Routes Shortcuts: Donald Harrison

Aug 7, 2020
Donald Harrison
American Routes

This is American Routes Live from Marigny Studios with jazz saxophonist Donald Harrison and Quintet. I talked with Donald between songs about his life in music, from growing up in New Orleans to playing with Art Blakey in New York, and putting his own stamp on modern jazz.