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Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

As we continue to self-isolate, Harry brings us What the Frack?, Dominion, News of the Atom, News of Inspector’s General, The Apologies of the Week, plus tributes to Bill Withers and Adam Schlesinger, musicians lost this past week to the Coronavirus.     

American Routes Shortcuts: Alison Krauss

Apr 3, 2020
Alison Krauss
American Routes

Alison Krauss grew up Champaign, Illinois. She began competing in fiddle contests when she was just eight years old. At fourteen, Alison recorded an album of traditional tunes with her brother Vik on bass. She joined up with the band Union Station, formed by childhood friend, songwriter John Pennell. Over the past two decades, Krauss has won twenty-seven Grammys--more than any other living musician. I asked Alison about her early life in Illinois and introduction to music.



Heroes, Icons & Superstars

Mar 30, 2020

Valerie Walker has a chance encounter with a life long idol.

Songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman makes music with a country music icon.

Danny Artese gets not only a signature but a mentor when he attends a book signing.

Elyse McInerney learns her hero may be a lot closer to her than she realized.

Bassist Christian McBride gets a chance to play with a Jazz legend. 

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

Harry won’t let self-isolation stand in the way of another great episode of Le Show. This week he brings us News of the Olympic Movement, What the Frack?, News of Microplastics, It’s A Smart World, News of Inspector’s General, The Entrapod, The Apologies of the Week, plus great music and more. 

American Routes Shortcuts: Bessie Smith

Mar 27, 2020
Bessie Smith
Carl Van Vechten, restored by Adam Cuerden

Bessie Smith, Empress of the Blues, was the first African American superstar, an artist that mingled regal dignity with sensuality. We’ll sample her recorded legacy, talk with critics and hear memories of her contemporaries from the Jazz Age of the 1920s.


Hitchhiking, a Mosh Pit, and Iggy Pop

Mar 23, 2020
Erin Barker
Sarah Stacke

Erin Barker learns why her mother’s pregnancy is not good news for her father.
Alvin Hall grew up on a small farm on the Florida Panhandle where Viewmaster slides of exotic lands fueled his imagination.
Paul Teodo is hitchhiking in Chicago when his hot temper helps him out of a profoundly dangerous situation.
Sam Thurman’s eyeglasses are knocked off his head at a punk rock concert.
Ameera Chowdhury is a teenager and thrilled when punk icon Iggy Pop begins to correspond with her.

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

Harry is back stateside and stuck inside like the rest of us for this week’s Le Show. He brings us News of the Warm, News of the Olympic Movement, The Apologies of the Week, keeps a close eye on President Trump and plays great music from Dire Straits, Martha and The Vandellas, The Beach Boys and more.

10 Years After BP Oil Spill, A Volunteer Remembers The Pelicans

Mar 20, 2020
Keely Merritt / The Historic New Orleans Collection

Next month marks 10 years since the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill that took lives and damaged the Gulf Coast and its wildlife. In the wake of the disaster, the Louisiana State Animal Response Team dispatched a crew of volunteers to care for thousands of oiled pelicans. Jean Beaston was one of those volunteers. From her home in Youngsville, Louisiana, she chronicled her experiences at the bird rescue center in this edition of NOLA Life Stories.


American Routes Shortcuts: Leyla McCalla

Mar 20, 2020
Leyla McCalla
American Routes

Cellist and folk singer Leyla McCalla was raised in New Jersey by Haitian immigrant parents. She picked up the cello as a young student, and after studying performance and chamber music at NYU, Leyla left New York for New Orleans and began busking and exploring cultural connections between Louisiana and Haiti, with Creole tunes, Haitian rhythms and instruments, adding Cajun fiddle melodies, traditional jazz banjo and folk songs from both regions. Now a mother of three, Leyla reflected on her mother and father. 



Wigs, Wigouts, and Insurance

Mar 16, 2020

Jenny Allen is diagnosed with cancer and is forced to make a decision when she starts chemotherapy.

Danyel Smith is confronted by a musician who didn't like an article she wrote for Vibe Magazine.

Stephanie Peirolo fights with an insurance company while her son is in a coma.