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Le Petit Theatre  presents, “Sorry, Wrong Number”. The 1940’s classic noir radio play, about a woman who overhears a murder plot, will debut on Facebook, Friday May 22nd at 7:30 pm. There is also a link to the event at  We talk with director Max Williams and actors Leslie Castay and Tracey Collins by phone.   


Love, Faith and Money

May 18, 2020
Shannon Cason
Mike Martens

Shannon Cason comes face to face with his gambling addiction.
  Prinna Boudreau becomes the focus of a police investigation after the loss of her infant daughter.
  Christof Koch  questions his belief in God while working with Francis Crick.

Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

On this edition of Le Show Harry brings us News of the Godly, News of Smart Houses, News of Inspector’s General, News of the Olympic Movement, New from the Land of 15,000 Princes, Inside Extra Access Tonight, New of Smart World, The Apologies of the Week, News of Microplastics, great music, plus a tribute to his dear friend Fred Willard.

CANO, Creative Alliance of New Orleans, explores art and artists virtually with its Artists in View project.  Executive director, Jeanne Nathan joins us by phone.  

More info on the Artists in View project can be found online at 

The Coco Chanel Of The Riverbend: An Oral History

May 15, 2020
The Historic New Orleans Collection

The coronavirus pandemic has rattled the vast majority of small businesses in New Orleans. Several voices from this community are represented within The Historic New Orleans Collection’s growing archive of interviews. In this edition of the HNOC’s series, NOLA Life Stories, fashion designer Yvonne Lafleur chronicles the opening of her Riverbend boutique, as well as her experiences working in New York’s Garment District.